However creepy it might sound but consuming live micro organisms can actually prove to be good for health. There are millions of bacteria already living inside our body, mostly in our gut, intestine and genital region. But don’t freak out! They are pretty harmless. In fact in a way they help us and so do we. We are in a symbiotic relationship with these microbes. We provide them the optimal environment to thrive in. In return, they help us in many ways like:

  • They ward off harmful microbes or pathogens helping our immunity system.

  • They help us digest food by breaking down nutrients.

  • They help us fight obesity by improving metabolism.

  • They detoxify and release stress.

  • They help prevent autoimmune diseases

Now that’s a lot of favour from their side

It is important to maintain a healthy population of these micro buddies in our system. Losing the balance might lead to a lot of health problems which will directly affect our mental health too. That’s why probiotics for adults as food or supplement have become so popular these days.

What are probiotic products?

Probiotic products are food or supplements containing live strains of good bacteria. The food is fermented using these bacteria. Strains of yeast, lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, streptococcusthermophilusare commonly used as probiotics.

Yoghurt, milk, soya bean, juices are some of the probiotic food products. But they can also be taken in form of tablets, powder or capsule.

How do they work?

To put it simply, when the population of good bacteria decreases, the balance between good and bad microbes is damaged. There are more bad microbes than the good ones. As a result, one might experience digestive problems, allergies and other health problems. Probiotics help in restoring the population of good bacteria and bring back the balance.One of the reasons why this imbalance might occur is due to over consumption of antibiotics.

Are probiotics for adults different?

Not every probiotic product is suited for all of us since the supplements will have a mixture of micro organisms. Some will work only in specific health conditions. Some cannot be tolerated by children. In probiotics for adults, the strains are specifically chosen to provide health benefits for adults only.

Side Effects

Even though specialized probiotics for adults products are made, some might be prone to side effects that are mentioned below.

  • Allergic reactions on skin or throat like itching, swelling etc.

  • Mild bloating or gas in stomach

  • High fever and persistent cough

  • Dizziness, losing breath

If any of these side effects happen, one should consult with their doctor or pharmacist, check out the severity and take proper measures.