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Letter To Consumer Health Digest

Know Your Probiotics: Responding To Consumer Health Digest On March 14, 2019, the Consumer Health Digest published a review of our product, H2-Biotics. After reading the review, we believed that the review did not properly represent the benefits of our product, along with providing misinformation about our products and probiotics in general. Mr. Hootan Melamed, President of Global Healthcare Group, [...]

Health Benefits of Probiotics to Men

Probiotics are of great benefits for the health and well-being of all people and for general health. The probiotic supplements are very important to men, women, children and even adults. Some of the probiotics benefits are universal while some of them vary with the gender and also the age. Best probiotics for men play a very important role in gut [...]

H2 Biotics

We all have microorganisms that thrive in our guts in form of probiotics. Apart from that, you can have supplements in form of probiotics if there is need to have them, mostly due to the effect of antibiotics which are a haven for bad bacteria in our gut. Medications are capable of having an effect on the present probiotics in [...]

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