The most common reason why doctors often ask their patients to consume yoghurt during digestive disorders is that it is the super food and rich source of good bacteria called Probiotics, especially Lactobacillus Acidophilus. But, what exactly is Acidophilus and what other health benefits this probiotic offers? Well, to get the answer to this question continue reading.

What is Acidophilus?

Acidophilus is the good bacteria that is naturally available in your intestines. These good bacteria are helpful in maintaining a good acidic environment across your body so as to prevent the growth of damaging bacteria. Acidophilus bacteria are mainly used to prevent or treat vaginal yeast infections, diarrhea, and yeast infection of mouth which are caused due to consumption of antibiotic over time. It is also prescribed for treating urinary tract infection and may also help the users to maintain healthy consistency of bacteria in intestines, stomach and vagina.

However, despite all these benefits of Acidophilus FDA has not approved it as the safe and effective remedy for yeast infection and other health conditions. Since it is not FDA approved, you must not substitute it with any prescription medications to treat any health conditions.

The Health Benefits of Acidophilus

  • Diarrhea Treatment – Acidophilus is the probiotic which is often helpful for treating diarrhea and it also helps your system to absorb the electrolytes in gastrointestinal tract and this is the helpful way to control diarrhea. Yoghurt is natural source of Acidophilus and it is often suggested to you when you are suffering from diarrhea.

  • Combating Vaginal Infections – Both local and oral usages of Acidophilus probiotic is helpful in combating vaginal infections. Acidophilus works to increase the vaginal cell proliferation and viability which is required for maintaining a healthy environment and this also enhance the pathogens resistances. Consuming Acidophilus pills or applying it locally can help colonize the vagina with this probiotic and reduce the episodes of bacterial vaginosis.

  • Improvising Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms – It is found that supplementing your body with Acidophilus probiotic can reduce abdominal pain up to 20% and it also reduces discomfort in people that are suffering from IBS.

  • Reducing Cholesterol – It is proved by scientists that consumption of Acidophilus rich fermented foods like kefir and yoghurt can lower the level of cholesterol in body. In a study, it is found that people who are high in cholesterol saw a significant decline in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol after taking probitoics with Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum. People with Type 2 Diabetes can also benefit with Acidophilus as it helps them to lower the LDL and HDL cholesterol ratio.

These were some of the health benefits of Acidophilus which you can expect after taking this Probiotic.