Know Your Probiotics: Responding To Consumer Health Digest

On March 14, 2019, the Consumer Health Digest published a review of our product, H2-Biotics. After reading the review, we believed that the review did not properly represent the benefits of our product, along with providing misinformation about our products and probiotics in general.

Mr. Hootan Melamed, President of Global Healthcare Group, LLC (the makers of H2-Biotics), wrote an email to the author of the review and to the Consumer Health Digest Editorial Team to directly address the problems within their review of H2-Biotics. We deeply believe that our product, which was manufactured in a FDA-approved facility in the United States with extensive resources dedicated to research and development.

We provide you with a copy of this email so that we can provide you with the best information possible as it relates to your health lifestyle goals.

As noted in the email below: This product IS ONLY to be used by individuals who are seeking to lose weight and address inflammation in their bodies.


Good afternoon Mr. Wight,

My name is Hootan Melamed, President of Global Healthcare Group, LLC, the makers of H2-Biotics.  I write to you today in response to your review of our product titled H2-Biotics: Does It Really Work?, which was published by the Consumer Health Digests website on March 14, 2019.  The purpose of this letter is to address various points which you made in your review of our product that do not properly reflect our product.  As a leading source of news and reviews to consumers online, it is my hope you and the CHD staff will take the following response and either revise or remove your review of H2-Biotics and work with us to ensure that any reviews or representations of our products on the Consumer Health Digest contain the correct information as to help consumers make the right choices as to how they spend their money in the efforts to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

In response to your review:

Respond to article:

Manufacture of H2Biotics:

While you wrote that we have done numerous tests on existing formulations and developed H2-Biotics as a better solution, it is important to note that the manufacturing and development of H2-Biotics took place in a FDA-approved facility within the United States.  This important point  establishes credibility to the amount of hard work and research that went into developing H2-Biotics and the extent that we went to in order to provide credibility to our products to consumers who are seeking help in weight loss management.

What are the Advantages of H2-Biotics? 

In this section, you state that the formula may support enhanced and healthy weight loss from the body”.  H2-Biotics was created for this specific reason, as we felt that other probiotics in the market were not providing consumers with the proper formulas for a healthy weight loss process.  For this reason, this product is not for everybody and should be used only by individuals who are dealing with inflammation in the body and who want to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Disadvantages of H2Biotics

In this section, you begin by stating that the supplement may lead to some episodes of diarrhea especially at the initial stages of use”.  The fact is that diarrhea may happen with any probiotic or supplements taken. In our case, if the user experiences diarrhea, it is our opinion that H2-Biotics is working as needed because the diarrhea process is how the body cleans out the guts in our bodies.

Immediately following, you state that when it comes to the bodys metabolism, enhancement of metabolism among the users of the formal may lead to hunger.This is incorrect as the enhancement of metabolism will not lead to hunger because H2-Biotics IS NOT an appetite suppressant and does not increase the consumers metabolism. H2-Biotics is simply getting rid of the bad bacteria and replacing it with good bacteria within the body’s digestive system.

Lastly, you state that excess accumulation of bacteria in the guy may follow the usage of the supplement”.  As it pertains to the bacteria within H2-Biotics, the 3 bacteria which we use are to help with reducing inflammation and help with overall body weight loss. The bacteria that comes with H2-Biotics ad contains 3 specific bacterias that are in the Lactobacillus families – Lactobacillus Fermentum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus Gasseri. These Lactobicillus bacterias in our capsules have shown by medical research and studies to help with overall body weight loss.

FAQ Section

How it should be taken: 

It is our opinion that the best way to take H2-Biotics is to do so with or without food and with no dairy products.


Currently, 1 bottle of H2-Biotics can be purchased on our website for $44.95, and 3 bottles can be purchased for $107.88, providing the consumer a savings of 20%.

Refund Policy:

We want to make sure to be clear that we do offer a 30-day, money back guarantee.  In the entire lifespan of our product, only a very small percentage (less than .1%) of consumers who purchased H2-Biotics returned the product for a refund, which they were all immediately given.

Free Trial: 

The reason we dont offer a free trial of H2-Biotics is it takes between 2-8 weeks for one to feel the positive effects of our product.  So we do not want to conduct our business utilizing any sales gimmicks that will provide the consumer with a false timetable that will incorrectly provide them with the wrong expectations of success when using our product.  Since we developed this product in-house with extensive research and development committed to the product, this matters significantly to us.

Biotics review – Final verdict 

Simply put, we disagree with your analysis of H2-Biotics. The general misconception around the use of probiotics is that any consumer can walk into a general market or health food store and purchase any probiotic and expect that the contents of the product will work for everybody.

That is not the case.

Every body is different, especially when it comes to our bodys composition within the guts and the bacteria within it.  Because of that, the only true way that we properly know which bacterias are in our bodies, which bacterias do we need or which bacteria our body has too much of is with a stool sample test and reading the results.

At Global Healthcare Group, LLC, we have noticed that everything starts in the gut.  The gut then sends a signal to our brain via the vagus nerve. Our gut bacteria leads to inflammation and pain and other diseases like diabetes, migraines, pain, and so forth. All of these diseases are a form of inflammation in the body and our gut acts as the second brain in the effort of protecting our bodies.

So as it pertains to H2-Biotics, we are very clear what the role of our probiotic is – it is to be used as a critical part of a persons efforts to lose weight and help shape their bodies in the process.

By weight loss, we are talking about total body fat loss by:

A) Not acting as an appetite suppressant;

B) Inhibit the absorption of dietary fat and increasing the amount of fat excreted with feces;

C) Release of GLP-1, which helps release the satiety (appetite-reducing) hormone GLP-1. Increased levels of this hormone help you burn calories and fat;

D) Increase of ANGPTL4, which leads to decreased fat storage;

E) Reduce systemic inflammation;

F) Help reduce belly fat;

G) Helps with bloating;

It is our hope that through this email, we may have been able to provide more information that will help the Consumer Health Digest present a complete review of H2-Biotics and serve as a more thorough resource for consumers to best make the decision of what probiotic best will meet their needs.  Again, H2-Biotics is intended to be used by consumers who are looking for help in WEIGHT LOSS.  We want to make sure that message is clear.

I would appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly, if needed, to further be able to work together for the purposes of presenting the best, complete foot forward to your readers as to the effective of H2-Biotics.  Feel free to contact me directly at .…

I thank you for your time.


Hootan Melamed


Global Healthcare Group, LLC

CC: CHD Editorial Team