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H2-Biotics combines all 3 in the highest combination to maximize weight loss. Take one or two capsules per day to optimize your body’s ability for weight loss. Based on research, the combination of a good diet and exercise routine with daily ingestion of H2-Biotics can help you achieve maximum and expeditious weight loss. This product is for ages 14 and up.

Each bottle includes 30 pill capsules.

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Probiotics are the live bacteria that thrive inside your gut and support your immune system. They can also promote good digestion which is critical when you are starting a new diet or introducing new foods to your plate. Some probiotics also support good oral health and can even keep your sinuses in good health.

If you are on antibiotics or taking other types of medication, the drugs may actually be killing all bacteria in the gut so you need probiotics to restore the good bacteria. A probiotics supplement can provide the live strains of bacteria your body needs to maintain optimal gut health.

Do you want to eat more of what you love? Well digestion is the key! It’s no secret that if you can digest your food better you feel better. The problem is very common with today’s fast pace diets. If your gut is not able to digest food properly it can lead to serious health issues. H2 Biotics helps by restoring the good gut bacteria needed to properly digest food. Our Doctor formulated probiotics insure maximum absorption to get your gut happy and healthly fast!

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1 review for H2 Biotics – Probiotics (1)

  1. Gary

    It worked! After taking probiotics I lost my cravings for unhealthy foods (fast food especially), dieting after that was easy!

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