Why Probiotics?

Learn why probiotic supplements could be right for you and your diet.

Probiotics are essential for overall health. Trillions of different strains of bacteria live in our bodies and they’re responsible for supporting our digestive system, immune system, and other functions. ‘Good bacteria’ are found in certain types of foods but not everyone is diligent enough to eat a plant-based diet or eat a variety of organic vegetables every day. If there isn’t enough healthy bacteria in your gut, your health will suffer for it.

Why is Gut Health So Important?

The health of your gut is linked to your mood, your overall well-being, and even your weight. Recent research shows that the gut is often considered the ‘second brain’ because it’s linked to our nervous system and our immune system. Poor gut health can trigger a number of symptoms and diseases, including obesity, constipation, oral cavities, and even depression.

Gut bacteria is also responsible for determine whether you have an easy or difficult time losing weight when dieting. Your body needs certain types of bacteria in the gut to assist with weight loss and keep it off for the long-term.

Probiotics Support a Healthy Gut

If you aren’t getting enough healthy bacteria from the food you eat every day, you can take a supplement. Probiotics supplements are especially beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight and keep it off. A high-quality supplement will contain live strains of bacteria that help to restore gut health so you can reach your weight loss goals, stay regular, and improve your overall quality of life.